Cracked hands Chapped lips & Alligator skin

Cracked hands, chapped lips, and alligator skin are some of the winters nightmares. Being exposed to 30 below zero is no good for one’s skin, and waking up with bleeding lips is no way to start a day.



Although sweaters, snow angels, and cute booties are in style for winter, dry skin is not.


With so many things to accomplish on one’s New Years resolution list, beautiful skin should definitely be one of them.


81e0a9b6a9f4158a430fca290002b844The first step to flawless skin is to drink. Drink. Drink. H2O is the answer most of the problems and should become everyone’s best friend this winter. With the continuous drop in temperature, and absence of moisture in the air individuals skin begin to suffer. By drinking lots of water and staying hydrated we can eliminate or decrees this seasonal problem.

Secondly, consider breaking out the old Vaseline. Vaseline has an endless of possibilities. Chapped lips? Check. Frostbite? Covered. Cracked hands? Double check.

Lastly and most importantly chapstick. Our lips should not be dry, flaky, and unconditioned. One way to have soft kissing lips this winter is to exfoliate. One can even create their own exfoliator with a few house items that most have laying around. By mixing approximately one tablespoon of coconut oil and one tablespoon of sugar one scrub away any dead or dry skin. Oddly enough, this recipe can even be licked off afterwardaspirin21.jpg.

With so many possibilities for skinny, soft, and smooth skin there is no excuse for not taking proper care of yourself this winter.

I wish you all soft hands, kissable lips, and beautiful skin!


Carlie Ann


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