Finding Sunshine Inside

img_3786What is it with snowy days, that makes one want to lay in bed all day eating brollims tortillas, while sipping on hot cocoa, and binge watching Grey’s Anatomy?

Coming from sunny San Diego I had never experienced such freezing cold days, and quite frankly I did not know this kind of cold exists. I remember having waterpolo practice in December and complaining when it was anything below the optimal 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Is it the lack of vitamin D and sunshine that is making me blue?

According to Women’s Health on average women pack on five pounds during the winter months. In addition to the stress from the holidays and sugar cookies, most prefer to stay inside curled up snuggling under a warm blanket.

However our habits have a bigger impact on our mental, physical, and emotional health than the sunshine ever will. The reality is exercise make us happy! Wholesome foods make us feel good! And when we treat our bodies like temples we will become happier humans.

That being said we would never fill a beautiful temple with cheap furniture. Instead we put the best inside of it. In addition we would never allow the grounds to become dirty or untamed, but instead perfectly maintained and manicured.

San Diego Temple

It is the same for our own bodies. We need to fill it with goodness as well as keep our temples clean and beautiful on the outside.

This planet is full of beauty, every human bringing a new definition of beauty to the table. The thing about being human is that we are not meant to be perfect, we are meant to work for perfection, whatever aspect it may be.

69c37c83a8d1679ab7c07dfee6036045e5acc40e20bc069ce90fa5cc1e98e061With my whole heart I believe it starts with us, it starts with our small action to love ourselves, that allows us to radiate kindness, light, and knowledge to others.

This year let’s all be that inspiring person we have always wanted to become, by choosing healthier foods, taking the stairs, and ditching the soda pop! Most importantly let become the best version of ourselves and love ourselves as well as others so radically that light shines from within, and our winter blues will cease to exist.



Carlie Ann


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